My Personal Trainer

It’s a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth it. Having your own personal trainer let’s you focus on your performance and you get a better workout. My trainer is a real nice guy. He always makes sure I am comfortable and he takes care of me. I had some smudge near my eye, and he [...]

Part of growing up

Hi. I’m Jeannie and I’m 18 years old. I know that I’m supposed to be all grown up right now. I think I almost am. I earn my own money, I live in my own apartment. There is one thing that frightens me, though. It’s something that I hear people talk about. I am not [...]

Hanging out with Jane

I had heard that Jane was sunbathing in the park. Jane was my next door neighbor. She had this secluded area in the park where she liked to sunbath. And whenever she was sunbathing there, I just happened to pass by. Why? Jane was very hot and always sunbathing topless. I liked to stop by [...]

Taking advantage of your situation

When I have to do home work, I have discovered that it is so much easier to get it done, if I get my teacher to help me. Partly because getting help makes the result better, but also because if the teacher helped me and he criticizes the result, he sort of criticizes himself. So [...]

Motivation in football

On the occasion of the Super Bowl, let me share some secrets with you. No, I’m not the head coach of New York Giants or anything. I’m just the coach of a small college team, but I have some fresh new ideas and I have managed to triple the motivation of some of my players. [...]

Most new porn models are shy

Most people think that girls that have never tried porn before, are usually quite shy when they show up for their first audition … that’s true, they are. But some aren’t. Some girls that participate in an audition, know that most girls are shy, so they want to prove that they are definitely not shy. [...]

A free fertility clinic

I’m proud to say that I do my part in the community. If a rich woman can’t have a child, she goes to an expensive fertility clinic and gets someone to help her with that problem. Poor girls don’t usually have that option. That’s why I have created a completely free fertility clinic for young [...]

Moving boundaries of a porn model – part 2

We already hired a new porn model. We couldn’t say no to hiring her, she was perfect for our agency. That’s why we hired her to do 1 scene within the next two weeks. There was one problem, though. She wanted to use a condom and we simply don’t shoot scenes with condoms. So we [...]

Moving boundaries of a porn model – part 1

She came to us as so many other girls do. We advertise for attractive young girls to make porn videos. There is no trickery here – the ad is quite concise so the girls now exactly what they are doing when they come to us.   Of course, when casting a new model, we have [...]

Playing for charity

I was playing the double bass on the pedestrian street. I had just seen a documentary on the news about how poor and hungry the women of Africa are. I was struck by compassion and felt compelled to do something about it. I grabbed a hat, grabbed my double bass and went to the street. [...]

When you think about it …

I like this job. I get to dress up in different outfits. It’s fun and it’s quite easy. I just dress up and pose for the camera. I always know what to do, because I get instructions from the photographer. Today was no different. Some promotional company ordered a photo shoot where I pose nude [...]

Stealing the picture

The new girl was called Petra. She was a short haired blonde that was participating in a photo shoot. It’s me to the left on the picture below. I was asked to help out at the set with make-up and other stuff. It used to be me that Charlie took photos off, but now it’s [...]

Evaluating her reaction

Although my job is a tough one, I like it here at the insane asylum. I like to work with people. My job is to evaluate the mental state of each patient here at the insane asylum and determine whether they are ready to be released into society. Basically, my job is to determine whether [...]

Realizing a fantasy

I am a masseuse at an all-inclusive resort. It’s a nice little job – not too many hours and the bonus is, I get to touch a lot of hot guys. Of course it’s exciting to massage a hot guy, but I’m a professional – I can control myself. It’s so relaxing to be massaged, [...]

Helping beyond my responsibility

My nurse was helping my patient to undress and get ready for consultation with me and was talking to the patient about why she had come here. After they had talked, the nurse came into my office and let the patient wait. “Hello Doctor. The patient is having problems getting pregnant. There doesn’t seem to [...]

Left on a deserted island

“Mom, I’m just going to go with this nice guy for a quick boat ride on the lake, k?” She was really young and sweet – and it was cute that she yelled at her mom to go on a boat ride. Her mother never answered – she probably couldn’t hear anything from where she [...]

Appearance on stage

Who was he to tell me I had to go over there. He said it in such a commanding voice that I was offended by it. But he did sound very confident about it, so I went over there. “Who are you?” I asked skeptically. He just smiled and grabbed my hand. “It’s OK, I [...]

What did you take from the mini bar?

“Miss Anderson, did you hear me. I need to know which products you have taken from the mini bar. We’ve had a mix-up in stocking, so everyone has to try to remember what they took.” Miss Anderson couldn’t hear anything. She had just come back to the hotel from a night out. She hadn’t partly [...]

Trying out dildos

It was a great idea to have a shop where you can try out the dildos before you buy them. I was led into the room without any pants on. At first I protested a bit, but then the salesman gave the splendid argument, that I couldn’t try out the dildos otherwise. He had also [...]

Hunting cunning drug dealers

In the police, we always try to find new ways of arresting drug dealers. Drugs are responsible for a big part of the crime on the streets, so this is very important. A problem we always run into is, that the alleged drug dealers have legal rights too. We can’t just ask them for a [...]