The logical choice for a nurse

Betty is a nurse at the local hospital. People, naturally, call her Nurse Betty. Here she is with two doctors, tending to a patient that is in a coma.


“I’ve determined the most likely method of getting this patient out of his coma” one doctor said to the other.


“Yes, he has erectile functions, these need to be stimulated and then there is a chance of breaking out of the coma”.

“Nurse, please remove the cover from the patient”.


“Whoa” was all that Nurse Betty could say. It was visible that the doctor was right. The patients penis was semi-erect, despite the fact that the patient was in a coma.

“You need to give this patient oral stimuli”

“Me?” Betty asked.

“Nurse, it may not be your preference, but you wouldn’t expect me or Dr. Stevens to do it, would you?”

Nurse Betty laughed at the thought, and realized how obvious it was that she would be the best person in the room to do this.


It worked!

It really worked!

After a few sucks on the patients penis, the patient awoke from his coma. “Should I stop?” Betty asked. “No, the patient could suffer a relapse. Continue!”

Nurse Betty continued sucking the patients cock.

“Take this with your hand” the doctor said, and put his OWN penis in Nurse Betty’s hand.


“What?” Nurse Betty just said, confused with the purpose of this.

“There is no time to explain, look, the patient is already into the coma again”

True – he did have closed eyes anyway. Nurse Betty had to go on.

“Get on the bed now – but don’t stop sucking his cock!”

After Nurse Betty got on the bed, the doctor pulled up the nurses gown and started pulling her panties down and off. He got a good grip on her beautiful pussy and almost came right then and there from just the look of it.


The doctor went behind the bed and pulled the patient and Nurse Betty back towards it.

Then he did something that made Nurse Betty stop what she was doing for a moment. He started shoving his cock into her ass.

She looked up, but the doctor quickly reminded her of her mission. “You can’t stop!” the doctor said. Nurse Betty remembered her mission, but it was difficult not to get distracted by the cock in her ass.


After the doctor had put his cock up her arse a few times, they put her ass on the patient’s cock and made him fuck her in the ass.

Nurse Betty still didn’t get why this was necessary, but she saw some kind of connection between the fact that the doctor had prepared her ass before it being used on the patient.


For a second she thought it might be some sort of consideration, maybe to spare her pussy – but moments later, that thought didn’t make much sense any more, as the doctor followed her up on the bed and started fucking her pussy.

She would ask for an explanation, but her mouth was full.


The doctors stopped instructing the nurse, satisfied that she was not asking any more questions, and they just kept fucking her, while she still had the patients cock up her arse. She could see it was somehow working, as the patient seemed to be awake now.

“Now” one doctor said and they changed position to let the patient really fuck her arse. After a few strokes with him standing in front of her, fucking her up her arse, he started cumming in it.


Nurse Betty thought about the health aspect of getting cum in the ass, but remembered that she was in good hands, in a hospital with two doctors.

The doctors both came in her face.

“Good work, nurse, the patient is awake now.”

The doctor’s got dressed. When Nurse Betty got a chance to think for a bit, she asked the doctors “I am happy the patient is OK, but why did you have to fuck me too?”

“We were horny”